Good taste should not ruin your budget. That is why we offer handcrafted silver.gemstone and pearl at budget-friendly prices. Ours is a woman owned micro-business with an emphasis on friendly, personalised approach. We design and make jewelry for life cycle events such as birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvot. We accept commissions to incorporate fragments of cherished heirlooms and artifacts with a special meaning into our designs. We make chuppah ornaments, rings and wedding headpieces. We also make baby cups and sippy spoons for toddlers and mint julep lovers.Please contact us at Facebook or e-mail us at


Glimmering butterfly wings, raindrops caught in a spiderweb, Fibonacci's pattern in a seed head, the glossy carapace of a june bug, the music of a creek rushing towards the river, the silvery song of the woodthrush are part of my life in West Virginia. Living in the Blue Ridge, I only have to travel across the street in order to discover marvels that stir the soul and feed the imagination. This is what I want to express in my jewelry--my delight in the treasures that surround those me in my little corner of the world. This is the harvest I want to share with you.
Mine is a micro-business, which allows me to provide old fashioned one-on-one service. I respond promptly to e-mail and I welcome commissions. I do not charge for consultations. If you wish to have a special piece of jewelry designed for a special occasion--birthday, wedding, bar and bat mitzvah, anniversary--we can meet and discuss your preferences. Following the meeting, I will submit sketches for your approval. Once we decide to go ahead with the project, I request a down payment of half of the proposed fee. I also ask you to sign a form in which you indicate your commitment to pay for the remainder of the fee upon completion of the project. If you wish, you may bring me fragments of a favorite textile, an unusable plate or glass you and your family treasured and I will incorporate it into a chuppah--bridal canopy ornament, a pin, a necklace, earrings--the possibility are many.
I prefer to work with sterling silver and I do not use diamonds in my work. All the coral I use was collected a good fifty years ago. I do not buy new coral.
I repair Jewels of the Blue Ridge items at no cost. I charge U$ 30 per hour to repair jewelry made by someone else.
I will be updating this blog often, adding new jewelry--stay tuned for the less costly baubles--and dates of future shows.
Please contact me at
or at P.O. Box 716

Shepherdstown, WV 25443

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