Good taste should not ruin your budget. That is why we offer handcrafted silver.gemstone and pearl at budget-friendly prices. Ours is a woman owned micro-business with an emphasis on friendly, personalised approach. We design and make jewelry for life cycle events such as birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvot. We accept commissions to incorporate fragments of cherished heirlooms and artifacts with a special meaning into our designs. We make chuppah ornaments, rings and wedding headpieces. We also make baby cups and sippy spoons for toddlers and mint julep lovers.Please contact us at Facebook or e-mail us at



Some experts say that the reasons it is so hard to market jewelry online is that buyers want to hear the story of each item, as antiques collector want to know the provenance of their purchases. As someone who tends to rely on photos to tell the story of my work I am very much aware that my marketing technique needs improvement.Lately, I have been thinking that the successful artisan is someone who learns very early how to communicate her enthusiasm for what she does. As a former journalist, I should have no problems writing copy that makes visitors to this site reach for her credit card. Perhaps handling stones and silver as often as I do I consider that each piece I make tells its own story. But I also think that their story only really begins when they find a good home. My story is that is that I like, above all, the marvelous variety of colors and pictures found in opaque stones. Surprisingly, these stones--agate, jasper, turquoise--are far more affordable than, say, diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

I love the traces of the stone cutter's touch as much as I like the story that a glassblower imparts to each bead she makes. I love the minute record of tiny pauses, detours, joyful discovery, the moment when stone and sand give away their secrets. I love the play of colour and the amazing pictures found in jasper, agate and glass. I love the brilliance of sunstone and the ruby red roses that bloom in green zoisite. Ultimately, each glass blower and stone cutter is gardener. My role is to add my vision to their efforts. So please forgive me if I do not wax poetic about every bit of silver that leaves my bench. I trust you to hear it what it says.

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