Good taste should not ruin your budget. That is why we offer handcrafted silver.gemstone and pearl at budget-friendly prices. Ours is a woman owned micro-business with an emphasis on friendly, personalised approach. We design and make jewelry for life cycle events such as birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvot. We accept commissions to incorporate fragments of cherished heirlooms and artifacts with a special meaning into our designs. We make chuppah ornaments, rings and wedding headpieces. We also make baby cups and sippy spoons for toddlers and mint julep lovers.Please contact us at Facebook or e-mail us at




Seed pods, berries, leaves, moths and butterflies all offer lessons in colour and elegance.

                                  The fauna and flora of my  corner of West Virginia inspire me.

                    This where I work--at a homemade jeweller's bench in a little studio in West Virginia.

           River and creek sing outside my window. I like to think that their music permeates my work.

I began making jewellery the day after 9/11. In face of such violence and devastation, I could no longer believe that journalism was the right career for me. I felt, at the time, that words had lost their power. I also felt that it was very important to counter violence and devastation by creating something beautiful that would bring pleasure to those with whom I shared my work . Humans have found pleasure in ornamenting themselves for centuries. Given a choice, most of us choose beauty and love over violence. I love what I do and it is no coincidence that autumn is when I spend most of my time in my studio, working on new designs. It is a way to reaffirm my faith in resilience and continuity and regardless of the temporary insanity that brings about events such as the destruction wrought by extremists There is enough negativity in the world. If anything I would like my work  to be be infused with the joy I experience in the beauty of woods, creek and river near my little log house in West Virginia, in the birds and butterflies that visit my little garden, in the blue hills I can glimpse from my window.

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