Good taste should not ruin your budget. That is why we offer handcrafted silver.gemstone and pearl at budget-friendly prices. Ours is a woman owned micro-business with an emphasis on friendly, personalised approach. We design and make jewelry for life cycle events such as birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvot. We accept commissions to incorporate fragments of cherished heirlooms and artifacts with a special meaning into our designs. We make chuppah ornaments, rings and wedding headpieces. We also make baby cups and sippy spoons for toddlers and mint julep lovers.Please contact us at Facebook or e-mail us at


                                               Sterling silver, turquoise and rhyolite bracelet/

 Porphyry (Chinese Writing Stone) and African turquoise necklace

      Available at $145

                     Prehnite, onyx and sterling silver pin/pendant will be availble at my Etsy shop, Giltfreejewels.
                         Dalmatian jasper and onyx set.
Necklace made of bronzite and lampworked beads.Gilfreejwewels at Etsy.

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